11 September 2014

Hay q dejarse varas, el mae es buen cantante jajaja (at Roundhouse)

11 September 2014

Fieldwork for our next @leaf.fm festival :) (at Roundhouse)

7 September 2014

#mtflondon in full psychedelic jazz motion with @lossylossylossy (at LSO St Luke’s)

22 August 2014

A few days back I had the chance to Skype in with Paul Kemp from  about Startups, Costa Rica and Leaf.fm

Episode 120 went live today with our conversation in case you want to tune in and see what is like to jump ship and get your hands dirty building your dreams.

Oh and if you haven’t downloaded our Leaf.fm beta, go ahead and get it here and be part of shaping our future.

18 August 2014

Everyone and their mothers have started a shit-storm over how much resemblance there is between Miui and iOS and how dear Miui to do such a thing?!

If by delivering good design it means they are copying Apple, it seems they did a great job at it. Jobs itself quoted Picasso at saying good artists copy, great artists steal and it seems Miui did the later one with great execution.

Yes, color selection on some apps show similarity, but is not as a pixel by pixel copying as I’ve seen others do. Miui did a pretty good job and their designers are worth of recognition.

A lot of the things Miui is been criticized for were not even brought up by Apple in the first place, but are rather work over things that Microsoft or even Google introduced before, so if anything Miui’s approach to an Android OS is the cooked up result of the best of modern mobile OSs and that’s worthy of celebrate.

There is a reason Miui is eating everyone’s lunch over in Asia and I don’t think it is only for been a copycat.

Lots to learn here boys. Stop criticizing and start doing!

25 June 2014

This Saturday we will be celebrating our first Leaf.fm Music Festival in San José Costa Rica, if you happen to be around come join us! it’s going to be amazing!

More info here

10 May 2014
Music is dead. Long live the Music.

The Beats + Apple deal has made more than apparent something I’ve been fearing for the last few months: music services today are becoming more and more about everything but the music, at the cost of the music makers themselves.

And not only is this becoming a problem to the music industry (as probably deserved by the big 3), but it’s creating a num scenario for all those artists outside of the top 100’s.

Music is going back to the old model of moving hardware, problem here is that with the new hardware it doesn’t come new sources of revenue for the artists making the music, what’s more, now more than ever their share is approaching $0.00 very rapidly with every transaction, even when they seat in the middle of the biz.

The music industry needs to start embracing new models to let innovation flourish without asking for millions upfront. If they really want to remain alive and well in the near future, they will have to side with entrepreneurs, not big corps.

When you leave the shots to be called by big ones in other industries, you know you start loosing right from the beginning, as whatever they’ll come out with, it will never, truly, be aligned with your own needs and values.

I know it is still early to call the shots on this one, even me and my friends are playing our chance on it with Leaf.fm, but then again, if not even Dr. Dre himself was able to come up with a model that much different from Spotify… what’s going to be?

PS. An interesting conversation sparkled from this post into usv.com, come here and join it

7 May 2014
“Finding an audience of people interested in your platform is challenging. This isn’t Field of Dreams where if you build it people will magically appear. Once you find that niche of users, you’ve got to ensure they’re also the type of folks that are willing to pay to support your platform. If they aren’t, you keep looking for a niche that will sustain your product.”

Justin Williams

(Source: carpeaqua.com)

31 March 2014
“marketing is when you have to sell to somebody. If you aren’t providing value, if you’re not educating them about the product, if you’re not helping them get the most out of the product, you’re selling. And you shouldn’t be in that mode.”

Allison Johnson, former Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication

(Source: entrepreneur.com)

24 March 2014
“… practice alone doesn’t produce work that matters. No, that only comes from caring. From caring enough to leap, to bleed for the art, to go out on the ledge, where it’s dangerous. When we care enough, we raise the bar, not just for ourselves, but for our customer, our audience and our partners.”

Seth Godin

(Source: sethgodin.typepad.com)