31 March 2014
“marketing is when you have to sell to somebody. If you aren’t providing value, if you’re not educating them about the product, if you’re not helping them get the most out of the product, you’re selling. And you shouldn’t be in that mode.”

Allison Johnson, former Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication

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24 March 2014
“… practice alone doesn’t produce work that matters. No, that only comes from caring. From caring enough to leap, to bleed for the art, to go out on the ledge, where it’s dangerous. When we care enough, we raise the bar, not just for ourselves, but for our customer, our audience and our partners.”

Seth Godin

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19 March 2014

The link above is to Chris Hadfield’s TED talk. Go, watch it.

Lots of inspiration in those 18min, but if there is anything to take home from Chris’ talk let it be this:

how can you change your fundamental human behavior? confront your fears, one at a time and again, after a while you will realize it is not such a big deal. eventually you will find out there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.

by looking at the perceive danger and actual danger you will realize where the real risk lays and that action alone will let you change your automatic reaction to things and allow you to see the world different and to go places that otherwise will be denied to you.


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3 March 2014

#musicmonday with an energetic Mumble Riot from @sofarsounds #nowplaying on @leafplay

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11 February 2014

Matizando la tarde

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1 February 2014
PC is dead… long live the Personal Computer

This year for the first time in more than a decade I took a long vacation with my family (parents, siblings and my wife). We went to Disney World.

Been that both me and my wife have a startup, we could’t just disconnect for the whole time, we needed to continue working and attend meetings with investors and partners as we enjoyed with my folks during the most part of the days.

The first night in I realized something interesting, none of us were using our laptops (though all members of my family have one), what’s more only Helga and I had taken ours, for the reasons stated above.

My dad had taken his Kindle Fire, my sister her iPad Mini, my brother and my mom were crunching on their respective smartphones, a Galaxy II and an iPhone 4S. None of us were using a PC while all of us were using our own Personal Computers and none of them were running Microsoft software.

No wonder Microsoft is having such a hard time figuring out the future of Windows and how it should look like and behave. PC is dead as a consumer device, it only holds its part as a working device and I don’t think that will last for too long outside the enterprise.

Google is doing good by slowly developing Chrome OS as a strong alternative to the desktop OS, most people today live their lives online and will be just a mater of time and connectivity that an always-online OS will make its way in, specially if you only need it for specific scenarios, for anything else there is your phone or phablet and the services that connects them.

Microsoft’s enterprise and service business will remain, even after the death  of Windows, look at IBM for an example of things to come, but Microsoft will not let it go without a fight. Who ever comes to take the seat of the CEO in the weeks to come will have some hard decisions to make.

Marco Arment was true on his view of the market, Microsoft customers are not Apple’s or Google’s, it’s theirs and instead of looking how to be like others, Microsoft should take a look inside and build the future of Windows themselves, not catching up to others.

Other than XBox, Microsoft hasn’t have a home run in any consumer facing product in a more than a decade, XP was the last of revolutionary things and ever since not a single product has sticked around. Not even their push for design stood, as if that would have fix everything.

We are living in the future that Microsoft devised more than 10 years ago, it just happened to have been executed by others. It’s time for Microsoft to regain a share of what they envisioned by executing. If not, then I guess they will do good behind the scenes and supporting the innovation of others, just like they have been increasingly doing in the last few years.

As for us building products, it’s time to take the mobile space to the next era and start taking advantage of the ubiquity of its existence.

31 January 2014
Who are your customer?

Seth Godin posted the other day a list of questions we should be able to answer about our customers

  • What do they believe?
  • Who do they trust?
  • What are they afraid of and who do they love?
  • What are they seeking?
  • Who are their friends?
  • What do they talk about?

 if you can’t answer each one of them, go do your homework!

30 January 2014

A couple years back Facebook bought Push Pop Press, a very forward thinking little digital press that did one amazing digital book, Al Gore’s Our Choice. With the adqui-hire came Mike Matas, an awesome ui designer, who worked on Nest, Apple and before that created the Delicious Library which Apple bought.

If you ever experienced the book, you, like me, would have felt bad that such forward thinking experience went doomed inside of Facebook, specially as the years passed and none of that great interactivity ever surfaced the pale Facebook App… until now.

Today Facebook announced Paper, a new Flipboard-like experience to consume stories, articles, photos and more coming from your Facebook friends, Pages you follow and other interests you choose. In many ways is Facebook reimagined.

A quick look at the video above and you will see a lot of that experience pop back in a neat gesture based flow. Its like if Facebook asked itself, how would Facebook be if were to be invented in today’s world.

Facebook can’t sleep in the bushes, it has to continue to reinvent itself around people’s life, evolve with how people use or create new tools and remain engaging. Something it has been criticized not to do as of lately.

This app, which I guess will remain iOS only for some time, is a testament that Facebook still has a few cards under its sleeve, but up until it shows up in our phones coming February 3rd and shows that it has what it takes to gain a space in our screen, it will live as very nice experiment and one that will push forward the smartphone experiences with its affordances.

I’m exited to see what’s in store!

12 January 2014

Because power isn’t just about going forward; 

it’s about not letting anything hold you back. 

If you find that in yourself, you can go anywhere you want

- NFL’s Patrick Willis

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11 January 2014

Everpix just closed their chapter by open sourcing the life tale of a very successful startup that failed… this a most read for anyone in the startup biz or thinking on jumping in